Media Lab Melbourne promotes collaboration between artists, designers, scientists, technologists, couturiers, performers, players, crafters and creatives!

The architected experience is a primary quality of modern life, prevalent in our home, office, transitional and social environments. Media Lab Melbourne seeks to subvert, reinforce, extend, augment or diminish these experiences: inspiring critical action and rhetoric.

Media Lab Melbourne is based in the city of Melbourne, Australia.


Kate Geck

OpenLAB May 2015

Come down to the Library at the Dock for the next installment of OpenLAB, this Saturday 9th of May, 2015 at 2pm. This Saturday we welcome Vincent Giles and Kate Geck, sound artist/composer and installation artist respectively. This month our eclectic speakers will be giving us much needed discourse to provide new thoughts for our discursive creative minds! They will be touching on subjects such as the musical compositions in chemical compositions right through to sensorially overloaded ...
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OpenLAB March 2015

After the long break we are back in 2015, in fact, this SUNDAY 8th of March, 2015 at 2pm. This year we will be running OpenLAB bi-monthly at the docklands library, rather than monthly, as we will be focusing on ...
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Call for Works Inspired by Light

Our friends at Carlton Connect Initiative (CCI) are holding an exhibition during the NiteArt festival. The exhibition will be held within the small gallery space in the CCI building (700 Swanston Street, Parkville) between July 23 and August 26, ...
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HappenSpace Pecha Kucha night

Once again we are taking part in the annual PauseFest, a festival exploring the intersection of creativity, technology & entrepreneurship. This year we are presenting HappenSpace: On Tuesday 10th February, between 6.30-7.30pm we will be taking the stage at Pause Fest’s Tech_Bar ...
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The Hypercube is a concentric cubic sculpture illuminated with a 120 metre programmable LED array allowing for the experimentation of a range of intricate light choreographies albeit bounded by its minimalistic form. The pixels positioned throughout the sculpture are capable of ...
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For Vivid Sydney 2014, Ethno Tekh created an unique interactive music system to be projected onto Sydney University for the public to be in control of using a Leap Motion as it’s control input. Brad Hammond and Chris Vik worked in ...
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Robot Story Time

OpenLAB November

This Sunday 2nd November at OpenLAB we are lucky to have Alex Gibson from ArtBox, the custom mini video art player based on the ubiquitous Raspberry Pi, as well as Jesse Stevens, one half of the retro-robotic studio ...
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OpenLAB October

This month we have a crew involved with the Deakin Motion.lab and the Centre for Intelligent Systems Research. Media Lab Melbourne encourages cross-disciplinary work, from art  and design all the way to technology and science. We believe there are ...
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Johannes Kreidler artist talk + panel

On Friday 26th September we have the pleasure of being involved with an event showcasing the work of Johannes Kreidler and following up with a discussion panel. The event will begin with an artist talk by Johannes Kreidler, then joined by ...
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OpenLAB September

On the OpenLAB front we are back this Sunday with some great speakers at the Docklands Library. For those not initiated, it’s a wonderful new library space with an emphasis on creative applications of technologies – a ...
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