About Us

Media Lab Melbourne promotes collaboration between artists, designers, scientists, technologists, couturiers, performers, players, crafters and creatives!

The architected experience is a primary quality of modern life, prevalent in our home, office, transitional and social environments. Media Lab Melbourne seeks to subvert, reinforce, extend, augment or diminish these experiences: inspiring critical action and rhetoric.

New technologies and electronic media are likely to provide both the causes and solutions to our problems of the future. Understanding their relation to people and culture will be vital for a successful, modern society. As technologies are increasingly absorbed into the fabric of everyday life, the imperative for creative thinkers to address the technological influx from a critical perspective will become paramount. To this end, Media Lab Melbourne will offer intensive workshops, lectures, exhibition opportunities, local and international networking and skill sharing.


Media Lab Melbourne is based in the city of Melbourne, Australia.






The Media Lab Melbourne Code of Conduct can be found here