Absolutely Famished project launch



Media Lab Melbourne presents ImMEDIATE, an exhibition investigating the immediacy, seductiveness and transformative nature of technology. From its role as a conduit or interpreter of information, to its ability to mediate various aspects of our lives, technology has a presence that is increasingly hard to ignore. The ethics and politics of communication, our relationships and our retinas, nothing is spared by the instant gratification of the new industry.

We are looking for artists interested in responding to the exhibition theme of ImMEDIATE and who are working at the forefront of this confusing yet extremely exciting frontier.

We are looking for critical, technological art works, in particular works commenting on the way in which technology can effortlessly modify data and imbue it with new cultural meanings. Technology now mediates our lives, and we are looking for projects that offer insight or reflect on this process. We are also interested in the notion of technology as an accelerator, short-circuiting norms and gratifying instantly (visually, sonically and tactilely).

Interested artists should send through proposals for finished or in-progress works suitable for exhibition by the opening night of Friday 18th December. The show will run for 3 days over a weekend, from 18th – 20th December, and will finish in short, sharp and sweet fashion.

Submission Deadline:

Friday 6th November

Send a 300 word max. description of the work you’d like to submit, accompanied by 1-2 images of the work, in PDF format to info@medialabmelbourne.com.au
Red apple with circuit board inside.

Absolutely Famished is an upcoming event series and exhibition hosted by the Carlton Connect Initiative and proudly supported by Media Lab Melbourne. The opening event is taking place tomorrow from 6pm.

Join food experts and researchers as we dream up what we might find in a 22nd century marketplace. Absolutely Famished is a year long project considering issues such as food sustainability and security, and the role of technology and culture in future food trends. Robot farmers, 3D printed food, the vineyard of the future, the limits of edibility, and the future of agri-culture… are all on the table.

Later in the year Carlton Connect will work with artists, performers and creatives to transform LAB-14 into a 22nd century market place.

Attend this event for further information, ideas, and networking opportunities with food experts.

Guest speakers:

  • Dr Rachel Carey, local and sustainable food researcher, The University of Melbourne

  • Dr Simon Cropper, neuropsychologist, The University of Melbourne

  • Dr Sigfredo Fuentes, wine scientist, The University of Melbourne

  • Will Gordon, Horticulture Innovation Australia

  • Sophie Lamond, food nerd, writer, and Melbourne co-founder of the Fair Food Challenge

  • Ben McMenamin, chef, gardener, fair food advocate, founder of the Greening RMIT project

  • Dr Anneline Padayachee, food scientist, nutritionist, and food blogger, The University of Melbourne

  • Dr Gyorgy Scrinis, food politics and policy researcher, The University of Melbourne

  • Dr Chris Williams, urban horticulturalist, The University of Melbourne


Book tickets here:


Cost: Free to attend, registration essential
Date and time: Tuesday 19th April
Venue: LAB-14, 700 Swanston Street, Carlton