Creative Coding Meetups


Hot news! We are running a new event series at the Kathleen Syme library in Carlton – it’s a little more hands on and a little more informal than our OpenLAB talks. We’ve already run a couple of pilot events, and they’ve been super productive and lots of fun, so look out for more of these in the future by signing up to either the Facebook or groups.

Do you make games, create interactive experiences, play with micro controllers, tinker in Processing or do you just want to see all the exciting things that people in Melbourne are coding up and learn more about it? Creative Coding Meetups – Melbourne, encourages all those creating with and interested in creating with code to come along and share their projects, code, ideas and get to know one another and maybe even form some collaborations. We make a specific focus on trying to include a diverse range of people from all skill levels, ages and abilities. We have an amazing interdisciplinary group of creative coders from accomplished artists, musicians, game developers, architects, digital design agencies and students studying a variety of courses.

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Creative Coding events are free to attend
Date and time: Once a month, typically a Sunday
Venue: Kathleen Syme Library, 251 Faraday St, Carlton