Decode – Melbourne Knowledge Week Party


Immerse yourself in a playful evening of sound and light.

Media Lab Melbourne is collaborating in conjunction with Melbourne Knowledge Week to host an evening of art and technology on Friday 5th May. Electronic sound performers and visual artists will unite to create an evening of electronic music, projections and playful installations.

Four electronic music artists and four visual artists will perform, supported by a DJ. The focus of the evening will be on creative practitioners that make their own tools through custom software or hardware, bringing fresh perspectives through bespoke aesthetics. Media Lab Melbourne is a firm believer of actively engaging with technology as a site for creativity, as many creative decisions are made at the technical level.

Joining the MLM crew will be our talented friends Make Mob, who will be showcasing their mechanical insect robot performance car UKI (Utility Kinetic Insect) at the event.

In addition there will be an interactive play zone, where audiences can indulge in playful installations, including Light Duel, a dual-player LED pong game and Virtual Reality painting.

See you all there!



Cat Full of Ghosts
Grand Master Moth
Kit Webster
Hyper Reelist
Make Mob



This is a ticketed event.
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Date and time: Friday 5th May 2017, 8pm-1am
Venue: 1000 Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St, VIC 3000 Melbourne
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Cat Full of Ghosts
Robert D Jordan is the Musician, VJ, designer and engineer behind Cat Full of Ghosts Electronics (CFOGE). Based in Melbourne CFOGE creates experimental audio and video hardware that is used by artists, producers and creatives around the world. CFOGE has a focus on creating new ways of interacting live with audio and video, creating new ways to play, manipulate and control sound and video.
Robert then uses this new technology to perform live, which further informs the design of new products.
Synthesizers and hardware from Cat Full of Ghosts Electronics are in the collections of the Pratt Institute of Film (NYC) and the Princeton Media Department.

Glitch has been spinning her distinct brand of punk funk, old school electro, new wave disco and minimal tech-house for over a decade. Firstly it was as a means to bring the electro sound to Melbourne, (which at the time was dominated by techno) and also as the co-founder and creative director of Melbourne institution Meccanoid.
Along with a number of residencies over the years at venues such as Loop Bar, Revolver, the Lounge & the Toff, she has also supported numerous internationals such as Miss Kittin & The Hacker, Who Made Who, Anthony Rother & Alexander Robotnic to name a few. Glitch has performed at the ‘Art after Dark’ nights at the National Gallery of Australia playing electronica and soundtrack style music. However she has also summoned the dance floor at festivals such as Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore and Two Tribes. With a hefty collection of music spanning many genres, her sets are always diverse and most importantly entertaining. Expect an intriguing and motivating set uniquely crafted for the evening.

MindBuffer (Joshua Batty & Mitchell Nordine) is the product of an obsessive submergence deep within the oceans of audiovisual computer coding… this combined with a fetish for sensory overload, years of collective experience within popular DAW’s such as Logic and Live, and a history of professional performance in jazz trumpet and violin. This manifestation of experience and understanding leads to some of the most hi-tech, cutting edge and immersive performances to date. MindBuffer thrives on intricacy and innovation, integrating self-generative and prerecorded audio, 3D reactive visuals and crowd interactivity; all grown from the ground up on self developed software. MindBuffer have performed / collaborated with artists such as Rob Clouth, Opiuo, Si Begg, Trifonic and Fine Cut Bodies, and have performed at festivals such as Burning Man (Nevada), Resonate (Belgrade), and White Night. This will be the debut performance featuring ‘Jen’ a generative composition software built by Mitchell over the past 5 years as well as the debut dual laser beam visual show.

Grandmaster Moth
Pierre Proske is an australian born French-German artist-engineer and electronic music composer investigating the junctures between art, science and technology. Having a strong interest in the intersection of the biological and the synthetic, Pierre has in the past worked to employ sound as a sculptural tool for exploring embodiment. His compositions are often recognisable through their deployment of diverse textures and microscopic details. New technologies and sensors have enabled a more direct, physical interface to sound and Proske will be exploring such techniques in conjunction with custom written audio software to explore new aesthetics of sonic interaction. Reluctant to call himself a composer, his music can be described as anything from intricate textured sampled sounds to deep, moody sound scapes and upfront spacious analogue electronica.

Kit Webster
Kit Webster is a Melbourne based artist who has gained international attention for his cutting-edge audio-visual installations. Ranging from site-specific projections
to digital sculptures, his work utilises precision programming and visualisation techniques to create new forms of immersive environments and synaesthetic sculptures. As well as his installations and digital sculptures, Kit works on commissioned projections, theatre productions and live visual art for events. He has been involved in numerous public art projects and festivals from around the world, including New York Fashion Week for Dion Lee, Sugar Mountain, Festival Scopitone and Chamber Made Opera. Kit’s recent commissions include Symbiotica, an animated light sculpture commissioned for the Imperial Doncaster apartments by architecture firm The Buchan Group and Novas, small scale animated light sculptures commissioned by Zenith Interiors.

Jobe Williams
Jobe Williams, otherwise known by his intermedia moniker HYPER REELIST, is an audio visionary, multimedia creative and technologist, based in Melbourne. Primarily working with light, sound, synchronicity and interactivity, he manipulates a wide range of technological devices to generate immersive experiences and majestic illusions. His focus is on making technology tactile. This is achieved through experimenting with cross modal methods of communication that allow once separate sensory experiences to modulate one another using digital processes. He aims for his work to be immediately accessible and engaging through the concept of phenomenology. His recent work includes a collaboration with studio ENESS, where he programmed the visuals of a light installation inside a retro school bus for Strawberry Fields Festival. Additionally the last year has seen Williams perform live visuals for the major catwalks of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week and musical artists such as Machinedrum, Basenji and Phondupe. He is currently working on his own AV performances set to occur later this year.

Splash Painter by EXP
Have you ever wanted to create a pulsating audio reactive sculpture while jamming out to your favorite tunes but gravity and reality get in the way? Well that is where Splash Painter can help. Splash Painter is an experimental virtual reality painting tool in early development, that lets you paint with particles, meshes or more traditional brush strokes. It gives you the freedom to customize all of your brushes, materials and meshes and build up repertoire of brushes and create your own aesthetic.
EXP are an extraordinary, experimental, experience creating duo from Melbourne that make use of cutting edge technologies to produce fun, creative artworks and tools.
Brad and Steve are both Melbourne based code fiends that have been jamming together on various projects for 4 years. During that time they have created brainwave reading art explosions, projected bouncing balls on buildings, realities so virtual you want to live there and some killer budget spreadsheets. Always fun, always experimental and creating.