Demystifying the Kinect Workshop


Media Lab Melbourne is holding a workshop at this year’s Pause Fest. Pause Fest is a digital arts festival combining screenings of digital video and animations, clinic interactive digital installations, doctor digital industry leaders talks and panel discussions, and interactive events.

The workshop will be an introduction to the creative coding toolkit openFrameworks, as well as an overview of how to tinker with the Kinect camera in various ways.

The introduction of the Microsoft Kinect camera in 2010 brought what used to be an incredibly exclusive and expensive technology to the masses – that of tracking objects in 3-dimensional space.

Since then we’ve seen a range of new products on the market (from companies such as Prime Sense, Soft Kinetic and Leap Motion) promising to fundamentally alter the way in which we interact with computers. While gaming using the Xbox Kinect hasn’t quite taken off largely due to poor titles, the creative and hacking communities have been extremely busy finding novel ways to utilise these devices.

This workshop will expose participants to the numerous ways in which Kinects can be controlled, using the openFrameworks C++ toolkit for creative coders. Topics such as point cloud manipulation, 3D film making, skeleton and blob tracking will be covered.

Please bring a laptop and a Kinect if you have one (although not required – we will be supplying some). Windows, OSX and Linux will be supported.

Prior knowledge of C++ is not required, however participants are encouraged to have a least basic understanding of object oriented computer coding, such as Actionscript, Javascript or PHP. The workshop will step through the installation of openFrameworks and then move on to tackle a range of topics.

11am-6pm, Sunday 11 Nov

Tickets are $50 and can be purchased here.
Capacity: 20 People

Media Lab Melbourne – 136a Cromwell Street, Collingwood