Kinect for Artists Workshop

Responding to a request from a number of VCA students, injection we are running a workshop this Sunday around using the Kinect and other similar depth cameras in artistic and performance-based projects. We’ve got a few spots still available, so if this is of interest, sign up to the event!

Through this workshop we will explore the possibilities of depth sensors in artistic contexts, focussing on Microsoft’s Kinect 1 and Kinect 2 devices.

During the workshop we will describe the technical foundations of these cameras, cover a number of prior artistic projects that have successfully employed the Kinect and then step through a range of techniques employed in installations, dance and theatre.

Both commercial and open source software solutions will be examined with a special focus on the Kinect Projector Toolkit. At the end of the day participants will be able to brainstorm project ideas and have them validated by the workshop instructors.


Introduction to 3D Cameras ( Depth and Time of Flight)
Examples of works made with Kinect
Kinect Motion Tracking – locating objects in space
Kinect Point Clouds – the stuff Kinect data is made of
Kinect and the Body – driving projections through body movements
Registered Projections – how to align a Kinect with a video projector
Kinect and the Face – face tracking, smile detection and other features
Introduction to the Kinect Projector Toolkit
Project Ideas – evaluating potential kinect based project concepts

Don’t forget to bring a laptop with you on the day!



Pierre Proske
Pierre Proske is an Australian media artist specialising in interactive installations. Having worked extensively in Europe on various commissions and artistic projects in conjunction with organisations such as the Ars Electronica Futurelab and Future Applications Lab, his work involves exposing the unspoken relationships we have with technology as well as harnessing machines into exploring new aesthetics. Pierre has been creating custom artistic software for over a decade, which he routinely deploys in his installations.


Travis Cox
Travis Cox is an artist, researcher, and programmer with an ongoing theoretical and artistic interest in the relationships between users and computers. Cox believes that the mediation of both the artist and the audience via digital code prompts a shared act of meaning creation and he has explored this idea through public installations, digital and physical artworks, and collaborative performances with dancers and composers. Cox recently completed his PhD thesis, “Code, Display, User: Semiotic Dialogues in Interactive Computer Artworks”, at the Victorian College of the Arts and now works as a researcher at the Microsoft Research Centre for SocialNUI at the University of Melbourne.


Chris Vik
Chris Vik is an audio technologist, artist and developer who has over 5 years of experience in designing and developing musical interfaces for motion-capture systems (Kinect and Leap Motion). His recent works involve the creation of novel audio analysis, visualisation and visually-modulated audio tools. As both solo practitioner and co-founder of collaborative venture, Ethno Tekh, he has created installations and performed at events for Microsoft, CeBit (Germany), Vivid Sydney, Federation Square, Republika Fest (Croatia), the Seattle Science Festival and Dark Mofo (Hobart). He currently lectures at RMIT teaching interactive audio environments.