OpenLAB November

This coming Sunday we have the next edition of OpenLAB. This month we’ll be discussing 3D visuals, ed motion, no rx creativity and photogrammetry, the latter being a technique of 3D reconstruction using 2D photographs.
Mark Payne will be presenting his stunning “the Ghosts of Strangers” art project, while Stephanie Andrews will be discussing her work with “Duet” and the Deakin Motion Lab. For those of you unfamiliar with the Deakin Motion.Lab, its a creative consultancy hosted at Deakin University that intersects research, art and technology to deliver state-of-the-art innovative solutions, bringing movement, performance, data and creativity together.




Mark payne is a visual artist working in 3D. Recently having found out about the technique of photogrammetry, he’s been in play mode ever since. Nostalgia & archiving play a strong role in his work, exploring how the computer sees the world, mostly as one giant glitch.
Mark will talk through his “the Ghosts of Strangers” art project, pulling apart some of the images in detail & talking about his other adventures in photogrammetry.



Stephanie Andrews has a genre-spanning career revolving around the intersection of art and technology. Highlights include Technical Direction at Pixar on ground-breaking computer animated films and bringing innovations in research and curriculum to the University of Washington Digital Arts and Experimental Media program as an Assistant Professor.
Andrews has worked extensively in 3D graphics production and development, including virtual reality, modeling, rendering, motion capture, programming, and interactivity design. She’s been exhibiting as a professional artist for more than twenty years around the world, including the USA, Australia, the UK, and Iceland, her works exploring kinetic sculpture, holography, digital imaging, and lighting installation.



OpenLAB is here to share and explore the wonderful world of creative makers. Each talk allows artists, musicians, engineers, performers, and designers to come together and share their work and creative passions with the public and other creatives.

Library at The Dock is located at 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade. There is plenty of on-street parking available as well as public transport. Library at The Dock is a short walk from Southern Cross Station and can also be reached by catching the 48 & 112 Trams. Make your way upstairs to the lecture theatre once you get there.



This is a free event.

Date and time: Sunday 1st of November, 2pm

Venue: 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands – located here

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