Urban Reneural Exhibition


Media Lab Melbourne is proud to present the Urban Reneural exhibition, for sale running from Tuesday 29th November – Sunday 4th December.

Opening on Tuesday 29th November at 6pm, the Urban ReNeural project and exhibition responds to the prompt: “How can we rewire the city through technology, data and artistic processes?” Four artworks explore sustainability, liveability, play and the environment.




Architectural Desires – Travis Cox

Architectural Desires examines sustainable urban practices through artificial intelligence. Using open source data from the internet and the Yarra council, Architectural Desires, simulates living organisms within the local area which will live, grow and die over the course of the exhibition highlighting architectural forms, community desire paths and the environment in which we live.

Live Data – Dan Macnish

Live Data uses a plant as a living billboard, to convey information about the health of the cities we live in. A basil plant responds to the daily ebb and flow of traffic in Melbourne, wilting when roads are congested, and flourishing when traffic flows freely.

Bus Station Poetry – Pierre Proske

“Bus Station Poetry” transforms the act of waiting or idling into a creative, poetic word-play. Five LED displays are set up as a public poetry display whereby each display will show a word and the five words will combine into a short “haiku” sentence. A large push-button connected to each display will allow visitors to change the word on that display with an algorithm selecting a new word from an electronic dictionary that makes basic grammatical sense.

Urban Oracle – Richie Cyngler

In the tradition of pirate radio Urban Oracle invites you to opt into a WLAN and participate in a consultation using your own device. Online offline inline. Our landscape riddled with hardware. Woven of radio waves. Anxiety society. Take a moment out of the network. Exit the stream, enter a bubble. Focus. Get intimate with the IEEE 802.11 protocol. Breathe. Open yourself to Urban Oracle. Reflect and consider (y)our future… Welcome to the adhocracy.



This is a free event.
Opening: Tuesday 29th November at 6pm
Gallery opening hours: Wednesday 30th November to Sunday 4th December 2016, 12pm – 4pm
Venue: Second Space Projects, Second floor, 95 Victoria Street, Fitzroy


Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/706136182869033/



This exhibition was made possible through support from the City of Yarra and Creative Victoria.

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