Open LAB explores the wonderful world of creative electronics and programming. It is a space where artists, musicians, oncologist engineers, check performers, and designers can come together and share their work and creative passions. These meetings provide an opportunity for growth, collaboration and encouragement through public discussion, exploration of ideas and peer review for your private experiments and/or even finished works.

Open LAB seeks to create an open platform where people can share their skills, project developments as well as all the usual hacking, patching, code, soldering and audio-visual chatting. Each Open LAB will begin with talks from fellow guests that seek to formally share their work with the group, and then end in a free-form open discussion and hands on tinkering space.



Each month Open LAB will provide a space for 2-3 guests to talk about their work and share their experiences. We hope to draw from a range of disciplines such as science, new media, sound, music, architecture, and more. After these talks there will also be an open show and tell where people can present a finished, or unfinished, work, or make a call out to the community to help troubleshoot a problem they are having. If you would like to be part of the talks, please contact us!



After the talks we will look at the more free-form discussion and hands-on aspects of project development. We don’t have any expectation of people’s skills, this is a forum for both beginners and experts alike. Our philosophy is that there’s always something new to learn, no matter what your background. This will be a free form amalgamation of what people have brought along to share, show, or experiment with others. Guests can use this space for developing conceptual focus for a project, informal peer review, seeking collaborations for projects, connect with others in the community, or just use the time to “hang out” with other fellow tinkerers!

Check out our latest news, the calendar in the sidebar or the Open LAB Facebook page for more info and details about events