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For Vivid Sydney 2014, store Ethno Tekh created an unique interactive music system to be projected onto Sydney University for the public to be in control of using a Leap Motion as it’s control input. Brad Hammond and Chris Vik ...
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Play Parameters

This project is about a playful engagement with space. Play Parameters is an experimental sonic and performative excursion into the art of gameplay. In this imaginative and inventive arts project, sovaldi Troy Innocent and Benjamin Kolaitis have designed an ...
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The Mediated Body of Plants

This project is about articulating the spatiality of our living environment. While we keenly and attentively look for applications of technology to the body of the human, clinic broadening our awareness of mediated spatial relations with our environment, we ...
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Honest Conversation

Becoming more accustomed to speaking online, help we can develop a different persona; typing things we wouldn’t have the confidence to speak. We are constantly renegotiating privacy and pushing the importance of sharing through Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Youtube ...
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Sim Needs Meter

This project is a kind of electronic Sims Needs Meter wristwatch, healing for ?non-simulated? users to track their needs in real life. Within the computer game Sims, players utilise a needs meter that functions like multiple standard health bars. ...
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